transparent pool

It took a forward-looking group of pool-builders, landscape architects and horticulturists to build this transparent swimming pool, a watery work of art, in Melbourne, Australia.

This pool goes miles beyond luxury, to give the homeowners a true oasis in their back yard. The transparent swimming pool allows your – invited – friends to watch as you dive and swim beneath the sparkling blue surface. The pool is the focal point for this homeowner’s yard, as it will be in any location. It takes luxury to an entirely new level.

We’ve all seen Infinity pools now, and while they are intriguing to the eye, most people have Googled them to find out how the illusion that the water never ends is created. The transparent swimming pool is an entirely new concept. Picture a huge tropical fish viewing port at your local aquarium, minus the fish, and you’ll have a good idea of the exceptional design of this pool.

transparent pool2



Function and Design Add up to a Miraculous Pool Experience

In both function and design the transparent swimming pool has its own serene beauty, yet it still gives children the chance to splash and play, and it allows adults room to swim a few laps or float on a lounger.

The design of this impressive style of pool starts with the concept, and the choice of materials that will make the ultimate style statement, and still hold up to the elements for years of service. The new designs are made in ways that were not achievable through plan drawings or other traditional conventions. 3D modeling brings a transparent pool alive.

The designers and builders of a transparent pool integrate top quality pool construction with contemporary landscape design. This allows them to create one of their most stunning creations.

Visualizations and screenshots of the unique design allow it to progress from initial stages to computer generated images and finally to the result of a dream. They use a diverse palette of plants and materials to refine the initial design until it’s ready to be built.

The building materials in a transparent pool are widely varied. They include block work, ceramic tile, acrylic, plywood, gray iron bark, basalt and granite, in addition to concrete.

The hard-scaping around this amazing pool type includes elements like windows, a spa, barbecue pit, deck, changing area with toilet, garden beds, courtyards and lawn space.

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