Your backyard will be a more relaxing area if you include a water wall. It is similar to a fountain or waterfall, but the effect is different, and more mesmerizing. You can build your water wall in one of many sizes and shapes. The wall will create a natural place to stop and enjoy the sounds, and allow yourself to relax.

Water is a very calming influence in landscape design. Listening to it, looking at it and feeling it on your skin can bring your body and soul back to life after a hectic day. Water features also create breezes where they would otherwise not exist. This will make your garden more comfortable on hot summer days. Moving water doesn’t breed mosquitoes, so water walls are welcome parts of a garden environment.











The Positive Effects of a Water Wall

Water walls create a serene atmosphere in your garden. They can be integrated into your back yard, as well. You may build them with smooth surfaces, metal or large pieces of rock. You can use rainwater for your wall, or use a pump that is similar to those used for waterfalls and fountains.

If you live in an area that receives fairly heavy rainfall, you can use a water wall that catches and stores water in a beautiful way. It can be built to channel water from your gutter into a tank, like a rain barrel. From there, the water can flow from one wall to another, creating an appealing fence.


Collecting Rainwater for your Water Wall

Rainwater can save you money and keep your water wall running smoothly. Rainwater helps to flush salt from your soil and keeps it from picking up contaminants as it runs into storm drains. Capturing rainwater reduces the need for drinking water otherwise used for landscape irrigation.

Plus, rainwater is free! Sustainable water walls can utilize rain water as they are utilized as natural fences in your landscaping. You can choose from many thicknesses, and select the water wall that will most enhance your yard.


images courtesy of removeandreplace.com