A garden igloo is a transparent dome that gives you a relaxing, comfortable outdoor space you can enjoy year round, whatever the weather.

The igloo design is easily assembled, and is essentially a geodesic dome, that makes a great winter greenhouse. They come with clear winter covers to help in maintaining uniform temperatures, and they are wind resistant. This gives you ample ventilation and air flow, even as it provides just the right amount of sunlight for your plants – and you – during the day.

You can even add a canopy that attaches to the igloo for outdoor summer relaxation. These canopies are made from recycled materials, and can be assembled without tools. They are sturdy but lightweight, making them ideal for any garden or lawn.



Benefits of Garden Igloos

Garden igloos offer very beneficial protection from nature’s more destructive elements. In the summer, they make perfect gazebos, and in the winter months, the cover transforms this geodesic dome into a winter-time garden. The shape of the igloo itself maintains heat distribution and air flow.

Igloos allow sunlight to be received at right angles during the day in all seasons. This gives the dome the maximum in radiant energy, creating a wonderful place for growing plants.

Most garden igloos are about 12 feet across and seven or more feet high. They are made with materials like recycled PVC, and this makes them fairly lightweight and portable. They can be anchored down with plastic poles and metal clamps, and they are suitable for use in areas that are not muddy or extreme grassy.

These structures will draw attention to your yard, and you can even illuminate them with lights for night-time get-togethers. They come with handy, step-by-step instructions, and even non-DIY-ers have found that they aren’t that difficult to set up.

Since they can be used in all seasons, garden igloos can be opened to the surroundings whenever you like. They are so versatile that they can be used as conservatories, greenhouses or just quiet places where you can enjoy the outdoors, anytime.

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