transition poolThe infinity pool is certainly not a new or innovative idea anymore, although the look is still quite appealing. One of the newest trends in pools is the “water in transit” or “transitional water” pool.

Also known as perimeter overflow pools, these unique pools have water overflowing their edges all the way around, rather than just on one side, like the conventional vanishing edge pool. The water goes into a catch basin, and then is filtered and recycled back into the pool.

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A Relaxing Oasis in your Backyard

The effect of water moving across the plane of the pool surface is stunning, and it’s not the only “plus” with this type of pool. This type of pool offers you a more relaxing experience.

The moving water makes acoustic magic. The sound relaxes people. That’s why five star hotels and resorts include water features in their pools. You just can’t beat moving water, when it comes to relaxation.

As a bonus, the surface of your pool will always be clean! No leaves, no bugs. They all spill over the side and are filtered out before the water is re-circulated into the pool. Transitional water pools are not only efficient, but they have a luxurious appeal.

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Water in Transit Pool Designs

There are various transitional water pool designs, each with their own unique features. In radius wall overflow pools, the edge of the pool is raised above the deck. Water flows over a radius edge before reaching the concealed gutter.

In elevated perimeter overflow pools, the top of the pool is also constructed a bit above ground level. Water flows over all four sides, and clings to the riser, which is quite dramatic.

The most intriguing design may be the knife edge perimeter overflow pool. Water flows to the edge of the pool at the level of the deck, and then spills into a slot at the edge of the dry deck. You can stand and look down to the bottom of the pool without even getting your feet wet! This design is a favorite because it delights, mystifies and intrigues swimmers who have never before seen the effect.

Whichever design you choose, transitional water pools are unique and appealing, and will add a touch of luxury to your home’s green space.


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