Can you enjoy a swimming pool and still be a green consumer? You bet!

You’ve probably seen on TV or in the news about people who live in recycled storage containers. Maybe that’s just taking the notion of going green a little further than you’re comfortable with.

You can do your part for the earth and still live in a conventional home if you opt to create your backyard swimming pool from recycled storage containers.



Creative Alternative Pool Design

You’d be surprised at how many swimming pool types can be designed and built using storage containers. Not only that – they can be built at just a fraction of what a traditional pool would cost!

Traditional pools may cost between $6,000 for a top of the line above ground pool, and $50,000 for an in-ground pool with full automation. There are also costs involved for excavating the area in which your pool will be built.

You can buy used shipping containers for about $2,000 each and convert them into either type of pool, above ground or in-ground. The measurements are either 6 meters or 12 meters long and about 2.4 meters wide. You’ll have to have the roof removed, of course, but the design allows you to create anything from a wading pool to a deep lap pool.

Shipping containers are not always waterproof, but they can be made to hold water by welding and painting the inside or by the addition of a water-proof lining. Conventional fixtures, filters and pumps can be fitted to storage containers, too.



It’s not like Swimming in a Box

A storage container pool can include much more than the basic structure of the container. Wood trim and glass panels can complement the look of your pool and still allow you to be a green pool buyer.


Container pools are almost fully self-sufficient. The systems can include electrical connections, filtration systems and self-monitoring chlorine and pH level equipment. Portholes on each side allow for light and anti-slip mats and railings are used for safety.

Unless you’re a pool installer yourself, it’s best to leave the sourcing of materials and the design and installation of your storage container pool to experts. Whatever type of shipping container pool you’d like in your backyard, local pool designers in your area would probably welcome the challenge.


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